ARDA Leaps 2014

ARDA Leadership Development Program

Mission Statement

To develop and educate through a well-rounded and multi-faceted curriculum, future leaders committed to serving ARDA and the shared vacation ownership industry.



  • Provide a solid foundation of industry knowledge by focusing on the major segments of the industry
  • Develop an understanding of the purpose and structure of ARDA
  • Share information about service opportunities to the industry and ARDA

Program Name


    LEAPS stands for leadership-education-action-progression-service


The ARDA LEAPS program is designed to develop and educate, through a well-rounded and multi-faceted curriculum, future leaders committed to serving ARDA and the shared vacation ownership industry. This one-year program offers association leadership development for individuals at various management levels within ARDA member companies. Our program provides a broad range of courses focused on all aspects of our industry and association structure and operations plus continuing opportunities to serve ARDA and the shared vacation ownership industry. We are committed to helping industry professionals become the future volunteer leaders of ARDA, your industry trade association. 

ARDA LEAPS features both industry and association training. Industry training is garnered through monthly webinars, on-line learning and the Timeshare Industry Resource Manual. Association training is conveyed through a comprehensive, training seminar conducted at the ARDA offices in Washington, DC. Participation in ARDA's annual convention, fall conference and regional meetings serve as practical applications of the information conveyed through the program to program participants. Leadership examples are woven throughout the program. The ARDA LEAPS program is one year in length, commencing and ending at the annual ARDA Convention.  

To Participate

Candidates are nominated by their employer.  The nominating organization will complete an application for their selected nominee.  Both the nominee and an officer of the nominating organization are required to sign the nomination application.  In addition, as part of the application process, the individual nominated is required to submit a 150 word bio and a written statement (500 words or less) as to why they want to participate in ARDA LEAPS.  The application, bio and written statement are submitted to the AIF.  A panel of industry experts conducts a “blind” review and scores the nominees’ written statements.  The nominees with the highest scoring statements are selected to participate in the program. Individuals not selected may apply in future years.  

Apply today and use this helpful checklist. 




Research studies provide valuable information to our members about the industry, such as buying trends, product satisfaction, and economic data, among other information.  Read more on the latest findings and available studies.