Frequently Asked Questions


QUESTION: "How do I earn my ARP or RRP?"  

RESPONSE: The basic requirement for either designation is to successfully complete the AIF Qualification Test [Author to create link]. To be eligible for the ARP, an individual must have at least two years of industry experience and six credits, while an RRP must have five years of experience and 10 credits. For credit values and to begin tracking credits online, visit


QUESTION: "Can you tell me how many credits I have earned thus far?"  

RESPONSE: ARDA generally does not track individual credits. If you have submitted credit forms for ARDA meetings and seminars, those credits would be on file with AIF. Individuals should calculate their own credits, and the online tracking form makes it easy to record credits as earned.


QUESTION: "Do you have any information/industry numbers that I can use in a presentation to my [board, lenders, HOA, etc.]?"  

RESPONSE: The AIF Toolkit provides prepared presentations that may be adapted to your needs. If you require more specific information or detailed numbers, you may want to obtain some of the AIF industry research.


QUESTION: "Where can I get the latest research study?"  

RESPONSE: The AIF Research Library contains the research from the past two years.


QUESTION: "Can I get a research report for free?"  

RESPONSE: Resorts that participate by responding to the research surveys will receive a complimentary copy of the report upon completion. Anyone else may purchase research from the AIF Research Library. 


If you have additional questions, please contact AIF at