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FICO Scores Increased in Q4 

Provided by ARDA International Foundation 

According to the newly published AIF Q4 2018 Financial Performance Pulse Report, the average FICO score for financed sales (new loans, weighted by original principal balance, exclude buyers without FICO scores) during Q4 2018 increased from 726 in Q4 2017 to 730 in Q4 2018. 

Another question was asked requesting respondents to provide the weighted average FICO score at origination (weighted by the outstanding principal balance of the receivables) for loans within the portfolio at the end of Q4 2017 and Q4 2018. Of the fourteen respondents, ten respondents reported an increase in the weighted average FICO score and four respondents reported a decrease. The result was an increase in the weighted average FICO score from 716 at Q4 2017 to 718 at Q4 2018.



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Source:  2018 Q4 Financial Performance Pulse Report conducted by Deloitte for the AIF