Exchange Tips

Timeshare exchange can be a wonderful way to leverage your timeshare ownership into vacations in locations other than yours.

Follow these tips for getting maximum enjoyment out of an exchange:

  • Focus on the vacation experience—as well as the destination— when exchanging.
  • Think “what” before “where.” With so many resorts in so many places and units and destinations not always available at all times, think about activities and experiences you would enjoy during your vacation.
  • Allow vacation exchange representatives to assist you in finding the perfect destination.
  • Advance planning pays off. Place your request as far as possible in advance of the dates you want to travel to maximize your chances of securing the vacation of your dreams.
  • Be as flexible as possible when requesting travel dates and resort locations. Listing several options enhances your chance for a timely confirmation.
  • Consider a trip in the off-season or visit a lesser known destination that offers a similar vacation experience.
  • Remember that resorts may have more small units than large ones. If you are willing to accept a unit that accommodates the number of people traveling, regardless of the size of the unit you are relinquishing, you enhance your exchange opportunities.