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 Editorial Guidelines and Tips for Authors

Author Guidelines 

  • Developments audience consists of professionals in the vacation ownership industry. The level of difficulty of articles should be set accordingly with specific, concise, and accurate information. You are encouraged to discuss your topic idea with the editorial staff prior to article submission. Length may range from 800 to 2,500 words and will depend on subject and discussion with editorial staff.
  • ARDA does not endorse commercial products, services, or individuals offering services within the resort industry. Articles should reflect this objectivity and encourage learning of techniques rather than publicizing certain commercially available products or services.
  • ARDA retains the right of acceptance or rejection and the right to edit any submissions. Occasionally, the editor and ARDA editorial board determine that articles submitted do not meet association publication and editorial standards. In these cases, every attempt is made to provide a review process to assist in article revision.
  • ARDA generally publishes only original manuscripts that have not been published in other mediums. Author warrants text and illustration copyrights.
  • Articles should be typewritten, double-spaced, and submitted preferably as an MS Word document via e-mail. Include your name, company name, address, telephone, and business title with your article, as well as a three- to four-sentence bio about yourself and/or your company. Include a high-resolution headshot photo (no less than 300dpi/ppi). Black and white or color artwork to accompany the article may be submitted.
  • Publication of an article after the manuscript deadline cannot be guaranteed.


Word Count Page-Equivalence 

Please use the following parameters for determining page equivalence:

  • 800 words + no graphic = 1 page
  • 700-750 words + headshot = 1 page †
  • 500 words + headshot and standard graphic = 1 page ‡

† All bylined articles must also include a brief (40 words or less) biographic blurb.

‡ Graphic sized between 2x3 and 4x5.

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